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The latest Corfu weather report from Kerkyra Airport (up to 10 days weather forecast. Whatever kind of trip you are planning, take a look at today's temperature, the outlook for tomorrow and what the weather is usually like at any time of year. Check the weather in Corfu before you book your holiday.

The winters are Corfu is mild with relatively high temperatures (5-15°) and sufficient sunlight Spring is impressive and offers the island locals and visitors the privilege to enjoy the orgy and the beauty of vegetation and colours.
The weather on Corfu offers many mild and dry days in both the early season and Autumn time, which makes the island a popular destination for travellers. The particular point to note about Corfu weather is that most of it's annual rainfall comes in a short period between November and February. To avoid the rainy season look to late spring around March and April for Europe summer temperature averages of 15 C as maximum and 5 degrees minimum.


Easter is a magnificent celebration with lots of events that make Corfu famous all over Greece. Summer is the
most popular season - Corfu island disposes of picturesque beaches and its crystal clear waters invite the visitors to swim, snorkel and dive and forget all about work and trouble. Autumn is the season of vintage - the period Corfu gets the smell of grapes. It is the best time of the year to get to know the island's daily life, people and nature.

Weather in March: Usually cold & windy but there are many sunny days too. The first daring swimmers appear.
Corfu in April: Spring time in Corfu with medium temperatures & low rainfall. Corfu is full of wildflowers.
Corfu weather in May and June: Warm and sunny. Rain is unlikely to occur past May 10. The meltemi seasonal North winds have not yet started to blow, the sea is calm and nature is at its best. May is considered the best month for outdoors activities. A jacket will prove useful for the night. Corfu in June is Sunny and hot. Time for the beach!
Weather in July and August: Windy and very hot. July and August are the months that the seasonal North winds blow. It is hard to do anything else during these months, than spend the entire day at the beach.
Look for a shady place and drink plenty of water. Do not forget your hat and sunscreen.
Corfu weather in September: rather like the spring, is a wonderful time to visit Corfu. It is still hot, but not overbearing, the sea is still warm and people are more relaxed at the end of the season. Locals are busy preparing for winter and the grapes are harvested for the wine. The temperature is approximately 25-35 C degrees.
October weather: Now that fall has arrived in Corfu island. Visitors will find much to do there by way of shopping and sightseeing. This is not to say that the beaches are closed, but they are beginning to become less populated.
Corfu weather in November: The weather becomes unpredictable. It may be sunny but there are plenty of rainy and windy days too. Pack a sweater and don't forget your umbrella.
December, January and February: Conditions vary from year to year with a mixture of windy, calm, rainy, sunny, cold and warm days. Pack warm clothes together with your swimming suit. There are days when the temperature along the south coast makes swimming possible and pleasurable. There is a one-week period during January when the weather in Corfu is generally good and the winds cease. This period is called the Halcyon days.

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